If we’re both not married by twenty-two
Could I be so bold and ask you?
If we’re both not married by twenty-three
Will you make my year, and ask me?

If we’re both not married by twenty-four
Will you pass me those knee pads and I’ll get on the floor
If we’re both not married by twenty-five
I hope that there’s some childish spark still alive

Cos there are so many lessons
That I just never cared to learn
And there are so many questions that still burn, like

Will you hold my hand when I go?

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I don’t care if all of the band and associated crew were there. I don’t care if Eleanor was a bridesmaid.

I care that Harry was able to be there to see his mother-in-law get married and he didn’t have to sneak in the back, avoid every camera and hope that his presence didn’t…

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